Global Pharma & Healthcare GPH GmbH is a certified  pharmaceutical   wholesale Company  with German  and EU. Products.

Global Pharmac & Healthcare GPH GmbH is located in Hamburg City.

Our customers include wholesalers, pharmacies and hospitals on all 5 continents of the world.
Our goods, which we refer exclusively of safe, well-established reputable sources, all of them comply with the legal pharmaceutical standards of Germany and the European Union.

We have to deliver a good experience and close relationship with the provider circle that allows us our customers with the best fair prices.
We are always well informed about all aspects of pharmaceutical products and science.

We work with (QMS) Quality Management System that is always up-to-date and thus the functioning and the quality of the goods from the supplier to the customer is given.

We work with your demand great care and speed. Orders are usually processed within one working day and ready for shipment.

Global Pharma & Healthcare GPH GmbH
Spaldingstrasse 210
20097 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 - 870 94 800
Fax: 040 - 870 94 797